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When she asked if she had a say he could only smirk. “Nope.” That’s all he had to say. He knew as well as she they were a team. One that could save the universe and all the living being in it. Though now she could actually talk to him and be the one to listen when he rambled. Which was all he asked for. Watching her he gave her a smirk when she told him to make it a surprise. Flipping a few switches and pulling a lever or two he gave her a wicked smirk. “Allons-y!” he said before they went flying through time and space. All the way back to the Rome in it’s golden age. Cranking a lever he landed the TARDIS easy as one driver could. Walking around he held his hand out for her’s. “Let’s go have ourselves and adventure then, Valencia.”

The landing was smoother than she’d expected it to feel seeing as these ships were designed to be flown by several Time Lords. “Nice landing.” she said with a smirk as she took his hand. “Off to our adventure then. Lead the way!”


Raising a brow to her he just shook his head before grabbing a wire with a sticky patch at the end. Holding her arm he placed it on just at the juncture of her elbow before he went back to reading the monitor  “Hm… Well from what the TARDIS is picking up it seems your body is basically human, but your aging is decreased… Blimey! You could live as long if not longer then I can…” he said before looking to Valencia with a bright smirk. “Well seem’s you’re gonna be traveling with me for a while old friend.” he said giving her a wink before removing the sticky and as he saved the files he turned back to her. “So… Where should we go with you finally able to enjoy my adventures?”

"Don’t I get a say in the matter?" she asked with a charming smile as the test came to a stop. Just as she always had, she could continue to follow him until the end of time; it just made sense for her. Once she was completely detached she walked around the control panel, both taking in the shape and color of each button completely and considering his question. "I enjoyed them before, just in a different sense. But if I had to pick I’d say…oh I don’t you, surprise me!" She beamed with excitement as she looked around the center hub at where he was still standing. 


Watching her he nearly went scarlet when she said her name because it sounded sexy. He had forgotten a moment she was his screwdriver and she had heard him call the TARDIS as well as her sexy from time to time. Clearing his voice though he shrugged. “Valencia… I like it. Though if you are in this form we might want to take a few more test. Make sure you aren’t ticking away.” he said as he watched her roam about. Smirking he crossed his arms leaning on the controls with his hip. Chuckling softly he had to say this was a great gift if anything from the TARDIS.

"Might as well admit it’s sexy. Or maybe that I’m sexy." she replied with a laugh. Even from across the room she could see a shift within his expression when she mentioned her name; apparently it had been a good choice, that or she just knew what to expect from him. Slowly, she made her way over to where he was situated, her eyes never leaving the brilliant gold of the TARDIS’ interior. "Alright Doc, test away." she said as she raised an eyebrow and held her arms out of the side for a brief second before dropping them back to her body.


As he continued to look over her she seemed perfectly normal. Well aside from the sped heart beat that probably meant she was working over time to keep her body going. Though when she said the TARDIS did he he looked to the glowing green control’s with a frown. “Well it can’t be helped… At least I won’t be fixing it.” he said with a small smirk towards her as he put his glasses away and tossed the scope aside. Why would he want to make her into a screwdriver again? If anything she was a solution to his solitude. tossing his coat as well he walked over to the controls. “So how long have you been in a human form and do ya have a name?” He asked as he checked the TARDIS for the change and found it. Seemed she did do it… “Cheeky girl.” he said to the TARIDIS.

Human form; she wasn’t sure whether to take that as an insult or a compliment. Of course, she’d never had a problem with humans, but being human implied a limited lifespan which she was almost positive did not apply to her, though it’s not as if this for had come with an owners manual. “Aww you’d rather have me hanging around outside your pocket? You really are so sweet.” she replied with a smirk of her own as she wandered about the TARDIS control room. “I’ve been this way for, oh not too long. A couple of days. As for a name, I was thinking Valencia; I think it’s…sexy.”



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 Blimey, there’s more of you! Hello. Name’s Clara Oswald, seeing that’s my name. Need any help?

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Hmm…not really, but I wasn’t sure if you needed any. Gosh I feel like an ambassador here. Nice to officially meet you, Clara.


Arching a brow at her he did like a good puzzle, but having a women waiting for him at the TARDIS never meant a good thing. Still looking at her he watched her finger. “W-What?!” He asked as he looked to her and then back up before checking his pocket. He still had his sonic screwdriver, but she… Running his hands through his hair he shook his head. “that’s impossible. You can be my screwdriver. You just can’t!” he said before seeing her look at him again like he knew better and he did. Groaning slightly he moved aside. “Come in then.” he said as he didn’t want her just sitting out there. After all he did love his sonic screwdriver and she was just that. Even he wasn’t that daft. Shutting the door he sighed as he looked to her. Walking over to her he pulled out his glasses and looked at her. Grabbing the stethoscope from the control’s he checked her out. “How are you in a body?”

It seemed her hint had worked seeing as it took him far less time to figure out the answer than she’d been prepared to wait. When she was instructed, she stepped through the doors and into the TARDIS; how odd it was to actually see the inside of the ship with eyes. “If I am correct, I think it was a defense mechanism and you have the TARDIS to blame for this little mistake.” she explained as she held out her arms as his investigations continued. “I was hoping to look into it; not that I’m complaining, I like this upgrade.”


"What?" Was all the Doctor could say when the women before him seemed to know what she was doing. Hell she unlocked the TARDIS door’s with a simple touch of her finger. "Wait a minute-" he was protesting before she shoved him in and he stood there looking around his control room wondering who the hell she was!? Turning quickly he listened to the mob out there and what she said. "Well whoever she is she’s brilliant." he said a little surprised himself as he waited to be called back out. It came soon enough and when he opened the door he pointed his finger at her. "Alright I appreciate the help, but who the hell are you?" He asked as he didn’t move from the doorway. Whoever she was he wanted to know how she knew him, how she unlocked the doors to his TARDIS and why was she looking at him like he was stupid.

When he reemerged she crossed her arms over her chest and simply looked at him. From experience with other beings thus far, she deduced that it would indeed be easier for him to discover her identity on his own. “It’s better if you figure it out. Come on Doc, really think about it.” Unsure of whether or not it would help, she stuck her pointer finger up toward the sky and shot a single bolt of blue electricity out of it.

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Running down the streets the Doctor glanced back seeing a few Doctor fan’s chasing not far behind him. “PEOPLE GET A LIFE!” He cried back to them before he made a sharp turn and quickly ran back around towards the TARDIS. Ever since he had started traveling on his own it seemed people started recognizing him in certain area’s. Especially England. Oh England was a tough place to go without someone saying he looked like that fella who played him. Had to say he was a handsome guy, but all the same the fangirls and boys was too much! Jogging down to the TARDIS he didn’t miss there being a figure there. Arching his brow at her as he came to a stop before his TARDIS and the figure he frowned. “Sorry? Who are you then?” He asked as she was hoping it wasn’t a fan. He was tired of running for the time being.

"An old friend. You look so disappointed. Shame." she said with a pout as she glanced behind him at the crowd that had rounded the corner. "May I suggest you get inside, I can handle this. We both know they’ll want you to sign something, take a picture, or even worse, kiss them." She touched the keyhole of the TARDIS as it unlocked before she practically shoved the Doctor inside, "Now, go." Once he was behind closed doors she turned her attention back to the fan-mob. "Now, now, nothing to see here. Move along, unless you’d like him to quit." Her final statement shut them all up as the masses began to disbanded, taking on a couple of moments to completely clear the rather narrow alleyway. "It’s safe; you can come out now." she said with a knock on the door.

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